Printing Desktop Arbor Press Machine


Desktop Arbor Press Machine





The mission of the engineer is to make the life easier and more enjoyable. So he creates machines that help him to accomplish the daily tasks smoothly while reducing the effort and saving time.
In the world of mechanics there are many machines that may have similar components, but differ in assigned tasks.



Among these machines, we got the Desktop Arbor Press Machine design from Thingiverse website.
Desktop Arbor Press Machine is a small hand tool used to connect the mechanical parts to each other, to dismantle some parts and sometimes to form some light sheet metal.
This machine can be placed on the desktop, on the wall or on any flat surface.


Desktop Arbor Press


The reason we chose this machine is that it is highly used in mechanical workshops and because it is necessary for the engineering work.
It is also a kind of machines that we focus on printing in InnoTech, as we print machines with movement feature.




Printing Steps:

  1. Download the design from the Thingiverse website. It contains several parts.
  2. Insert each part of the object to CURA program and adjust the printing specifications.
  3. Save the files on an SM card.
  4. Send print command to the printer.


CURA program allows the user to change several features including:
  1. The thickness of each layer of the object.
  2. The speed of plastic flow from the port.
  3. The amount of plastic in the internal details.
And other many characteristics.
Below you see the machine parts that we printed using the 3D printer.
The next stage is to assemble the parts of the machine.





Information about the 3d printed machine:

  1. The printing took 18 hours.
  2. The amount of plastic used was 360 grams.
  3. The plastic type is  PAL.









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